Jonathan William Bock

P.O. Box  246

Oakhurst, California 93644

559 - 658 - 8776

Email:  admin@galwest.com

Over the last thirty years I have worked as an business owner, arts administrator, gallery curator, and artist.  I am experienced as a creative director and business manager, including founding and managing the 501(c)4 non-profit art organization Sierra Art Trails . I am excited by collaborative projects, and enjoy working with others to reach a common goal. I am comfortable managing large projects and producing innovative exhibits that involve the contributions of many participants.


I have broad experience in the visual arts, with a extensive knowledge of art history, global artistic styles and cultural traditions. I am well connected in the local art community, and stay current with trends in the art world.

Work Experience

Fine Art

Interactive Media


Internet  Experience

Technical Experience

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